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to the Known Russian poet, the national poet of Kalmykia David Kugultinovu 80 years

to the Known Russian poet are executed, to the national poet of Kalmykia David Kugultinovu on Wednesday 80 years are executed.

as Kugultinov, " admitted; 4 me verses are a unique way of struggle against injustice ". In the products the Kalmyk poet argued on destinies of generation, ABT drama events of national history, ABT responsibility of ANY1 person for destiny of the country.

these " inconvenient " 4 the Soviet management of reflexion, eventually, were of use to Kugultinovu bad service. Besides, the biography " has impaired a little " an accessory 2 the Kalmyk people.

in 1944 of front-line soldier Kugultinova have removed from a front line and deported to Siberia. In Biisk the poet continued to worship to the muse. Here he has written seven heads of the poem devoted to afflictions of its people, to the unfair relation to Kalmyks. The pain for the fellow countrymen has forced Kugultinova to write the letter on position of Kalmyks to the Stalin. However public work of the poet has been regarded as " anti-Soviet propagation ". In 1945 Kugultinova have arrested. 11 years the poet was in camps and prisons. Only in 1956 it have rehabilitated.

years " exiles " have left a trace in destiny of the poet - besides creativity he began to take active part in political life of the country. Was the People`s Deputy of the USSR, the chairman of the council of elders at the president of Republic Kalmykia.

for sincere LUV to the people, fidelity to humanistic ideals in 1991 the International astronomical CTR in the USA named a star number 2296 " Kugultinov ".