Rus News Journal

the US president has CFMed that the question on terrorists cannot dare at territories of Georgia without interests of Russia

During conversation with George Bush in the White house " the problem of Georgia in connection with presence there terrorists and gangsters " was discussed;. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivans after conversation on Tuesday W the US president has declared.

according to Ivanov, it was possible to it " to feel mood of administration of the USA " in this question after conversation with Bush, and also followed after that separate MTG with the adviser of the US president on Kandolizoj Rice national security.

" the president has assured that here it is impossible - and he understands it - to operate without the Russian interests " - the Russian minister has underlined.

the given approach of administration of the USA, according to Ivanov, has been underlined Bush 2 during discussion " Questions of cooperation of Russia and the NATO in frameworks " the twenty ".

" the American president has underlined that he on - former is interested in as much as possible close interaction in this mechanism 4 struggle against new threats to which carries, of course, and terrorism " - has underlined Ivans.