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Spetsposlannik of the USA Anthony Zinni arrives to the Near East

Spetsposlannik of the USA, the retired general of the case of marines Anthony Zinni on Wednesday arrives to the Near East on purpose to achieve the violence termination in a zone palestino - the Israeli conflict. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " has informed the Israeli radio.

besides Israel and PNA with which it will begin on March, 14th the tour, Zinni plans to visit Jordan and Egypt. It will coincide on time with abiding in region of the vice-president of the USA Dick Cheney which on Wednesday will carry on negotiations W the Egyptian leader Hosny Mubarak in Charm esh - the Sheikh.

thus, mark local observers, all becomes possible to show to regional and world public opinion that America has returned 2 active performance of the peace-making duties.

As marks the Israeli radio, the retired general is authorised to convince all interested parties of necessity of performance of the plan of the director of CIA the Snare, and also to present accurate instructions on introduction of this plan to action.