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Russian " Gazprom " as a part of the international consortium the Minister of privatisation of Slovak Republic Maria Mahova participates in privatisation of the largest enterprise of the Slovak gas industry

will offer on Wednesday, on March, 13th, on government consideration the definitive project of sale of actions of the strategic enterprise of 49 percents " SPP " - " the Slovak gas industry " to the international consortium as a part of Russian " Gazprom " German " Rurgaz " and French " Gas de France ".

As the correspondent " passes; News " tendr on sale of actions of the largest domestic enterprise the government of Slovakia declared in August, 2001. Originally interest in acquisition of actions of 49 percents " SPP " have shown 14 firms, including American " Williams " German " RVE Gas " " EON " French " TotalFinalElf " Italian " to Dreams ". However in the end of February the privatisation ministry has RCVed only one offer from association of three European power giants - Russian " Gazprom " German " Rurgaz " and French " Gas de France ".

This international consortium agrees to pay for a share holding " SPP " the sum in 130 mlrd Slovak crones/ 2,7 mlrd dollars/.

According to the contract draught between the Slovak government and association of three European firms, the new investor will RCV management control over concern " SPP " which provides delivery almost 90 mlrd gas cubic metre a year, 4 of 7 places in board " SPP ".

the Final decision will depend on voices of members of the coalition government. For example, the Party of the left democrats to which in the cabinet belongs 6 of 20 ministerial armchairs, insists on that to the foreign investor 24 percents of actions " have been sold only; SPP ".

Russian " Gazprom " - not the first Russian firm participating in privatisation of the enterprises of Slovak power branch. In the end of January the Minister of Economics of Slovakia Ljubomir Garah and head of the Russian oil giant " YUKOS " Michael Khodorkovsky have signed the contract on sale to this Russian firm for 74 million dollars of actions of the Slovak pipeline company 49 percents " transpetrol ". " transpetrol " owns a Slovak site of the oil pipeline " Friendship " on which the Russian oil arrives to the Western Europe.