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to Aeromobile group " TSentrospasa " the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia is executed 10 years

to the State central aeromobile saving group of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia/ " TSentrospas "/ 10 years on March, 13th are executed.

as have informed " News " on Tuesday in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, in this time rescuers participated more than in 100 large saving and humanitarian operations of the international, federal and regional character, have rescued more than two thousand persons.

the Russian rescuers helped to liquidate, in particular, consequences of earthquakes in Turkey, Colombia, Greece and in a number of other countries. The group of the Ministry of Emergency Measures assisted injured with flooding in Ural Mountains, in Lensk and Velikiy Ustyug; explosions of houses in Svetogorske, Kaspijske, Priozersk, Buinaksk, Moscow; air crashes in Mezhdurechensk, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk and Adzharii. The Russian rescuers participated in delivery of the humanitarian help to Turkey, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Abkhazia, Yugoslavia and Tanzania, have noted in a press - service.

in " TSentrospase " now over 400 rescuers, ANY1 of them owns many specialities. Only during the last years 100 rescuers of group are awarded by orders and medals of the Russian Federation for courage, 11 experts of group became rescuers of the international class.

readiness of group " TSentrospas " 2 departure in an emergency situation zone on the car makes till 30 minutes, 2 a departure by the helicopter - till 1 o`clock, and by the plane - 3 hours.

rescuers have mastered desantirovanie aeromobile field hospital, unique in the world which personnel in 50 minutes after a landing starts to render medical assistance by victim, and in 1,5 hours is ready to WRK in eight profile branches, have underlined in a press - service.