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the Sovereign court of Russia will consider the complaint of lawyers of the Russian scientist Igor Sutjagina accused of high treason

the Sovereign court of Russia on Wednesday will consider the private complaint of lawyers of the Russian scientist Igor Sutjagina accused of high treason in the form of espionage.

according to Gavrjunina, unique the basis 4 a business direction on additional investigation can be infringement of norms criminally - the remedial code/ UPK/. " However, having analysed definition of the Kaluga regional court, protection has come to a conclusion that as the valid basis of a direction of business of Sutjagina on supplementary examination infringement of norms UPK, and incompleteness of preliminary investigation " has served not; - the lawyer has told. He has noticed that in this case court " could not direct business on supplementary examination W/ O petitions of the parties ".

On December, 27th last year the Kaluga regional court has directed business of Sutjagina on supplementary examination, recognising that during preliminary investigation have been admitted " essential infringements criminally - the remedial law ". In the definition the court has specified that brought Sutjaginu have not been concretised by accusations consequence. In particular, the consequence has not CKed properly arguments of Sutjagina asserting that passed by it to foreign citizens of data it has gathered from the open press - newspapers and magazines. Besides, the court has noticed that at carrying out of examinations of degree of privacy of documents transgressions 2 have been admitted.

meanwhile as has established a consequence, in February, 1998 Igor Sutjagin has entered relations W the representative of the commercial organisation " Alternatives the Future " during the business trip to Great Britain. According to FSB, this organisation which was settling down in LDN, was " a roof " One of foreign special services also had no relation to scientific activity. According to the investigation, in May, 1998 Sutjagin has been enlisted in LDN by the representative of investigation of the USA who was presented by the owner of the mentioned firm. Within 2,5 years Sutjagin kept in contact with representatives of a foreign secret service in the form of personal meetings in territory of Great Britain, Belgium and Hungary. As has established a consequence, it has RCVed for the information handed over on their task more than 25 tys dollars.

on court Sutjagin did not deny that passed foreign citizens separate data on Russia, however thus asserted that took the information from open sources.

litigation on business former managing sector military - technical and military - economic policy of department of foreign policy researches of institute of the USA and Canada Russian Academy of Sciences/ the Russian Academy of Sciences/ lasts in the Kaluga regional court since December, 26th, 2000.