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the Chamber of lords of the British parliament has voted against prohibition of hunting for foxes W dogs

the Upper chamber of the British parliament - the chamber of lords has voted late at night on Tuesday against prohibition of hunting for foxes W dogs. At the same time she has supported licensing introduction on such hunting and strictly control over its observance.

thus as the correspondent " passes; News " peers have not supported the colleagues from the lower chamber which on Monday the overwhelming majority have supported absolute prohibition introduction on employment by this kind of hunting.

despite a confrontation of opinion parlamentriev on this point in question, the decision of peers as many observers consider, contains compromise elements. It gives to the government, 4 which opinion of members of two chambers are not obligatory and minister only a reference point, small " a backlash " At the development proztsii on which it should inform the country public already in the near future.

members of the upper chamber who always supported earlier unconditional preservation of hunting W dogs, should consider this time results of discussion on this question in the House of Commons.

from the decision of the government and parliament of Great Britain of this problem which 4 the Russian seems ridiculous, the destiny of the centuries-old tradition which has developed in Great Britain AAM depends to hunt W dogs on foxes. If it is forbidden, those who considers such hunting by inadmissible cruelty after the relation to wild animals will triumph. However threat of unemployment 4 several hundreds thousand the British occupied in the industry, serving hunting for foxes W dogs becomes the back of their celebration.

according to observers, it is quite probable that after sotojavshchihsja debate in two chambers there can be a necessity for carrying out of their new round. Though, as observers consider, the government which, according to some information, is on the party of opponents of hunting, can try to use compromise vantom, supported by peers, or to aspire to drag the bill of its prohibition through parliament. Observers do not foretell the QIK decision of this problem.