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In the State Duma will pass session of working group " the Duma - the PASS "

In the State Duma on Wednesday session of working group " will begin; the Duma - the PASS ". As the correspondent " passes; News " the co-chairman of working group will take part in session the lord Judd which is the head of the political commission in the European parliament.

other co-chairman of the above-named group is the head of committee of the State Duma of the international affairs Dmitry Rogozin. As he said, during session of working group the wide range of the problems connected with maintenance of human rights in the Chechen republic " will be discussed;. Rogozin has paid attention that now it is necessary to develop the complex approach 4 situation settlement in the Chechen Republic. Thus the head of committee of the international affairs has specified that despite all conversations on necessity of dialogue " in the Chechen people of this dialogue is not present ". However Rogozin has noticed that constantly attempts to adjust such conversation between the Chechen people are undertaken.

for this purpose the past week the public advisory council on conflict political settlement in the Chechen republic into which have entered as the Chechens living in territory of republic, and behind its limits, in particular, has been created. One of priorities of the above-named advice is plan development on disarmament in republic Chechen Republic.

a following stage of WRK of the Advisory council created under the aegis of group " the Duma - the PASS " there is a legal field development, in particular, preparation of the constitution of the Chechen republic, and also working out of recommendations about the organisation of such procedures in the Chechen Republic, as presidential elections, local authorities.

on the eve of session of working group " the Duma - the PASS " Judd met representatives of the power departments which 2 are taking part in settlement of a political conflict. At the same time, as it became known " News " during this trip to Russia the lord Judd does not plan to visit the Chechen republic.