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Jack Straw: it is important to allow to investigate time charges in frauds on presidential elections of Ukraine

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain Jack Straw has declared on Friday that " now it is extremely important to allow to investigate time charges in frauds and infringements (on presidential elections of Ukraine) according to due legal procedures " Assoshiejted the Press from LDN reports.

Stro has declared that he watches crisis round elections in Ukraine " steadfastly and W the big concern " also has called the parties for conflict peaceful settlement.

" that fact that a situation remains till now peace, inspires the big simplification. I urge the authorities to continue to show self-control and I urge all to express in Ukraine the sights in the nonviolent image " - has underlined Stro in the statement published in LDN.

" The yesterday`s decision of the Sovereign court of Ukraine to forbid the official publication of results (elections) to hear objections of opposition, was considerable step " - the head of the British foreign policy department has noted.