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In Russia growth of investments into fixed capital for 10 MTH has made 11,2 % - MERT

In Russia growth of investments into fixed capital for 10 MTH has made 11,2 %, the director of department of macroeconomic forecasting of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation Andrey Klepach has informed on Monday to journalists.

Growth of investments in October, 2004 in relation to October of last year has made 7,8 %, he has told. " rate of increase of investments is slowed down. On present dynamics we do not leave yet on the planned annual indicator of 1,5 % " - Klepach has told.

In relation to September in October of the investment into fixed capital have grown taking into account the seasonal factor of all on 0,2 %. Decrease in rates of investments of Klepach explains not only high base of last year, but also decrease in capital investments in oil extracting.

decrease in investments into oil extracting - the seasonal factor. " we recognise that oil recovery growth will renew " - Klepach has told. At the same time it has not excluded that the negative tendency of decrease in capital investments in oil recovery can be saved. In its opinion, it is not connected with tax checks of the oil companies, and, more likely, called by existing problems W oil transportation. The companies can reduce oil extracting from - for absence of prospect of the decision of problems of transportation of oil, the official has explained.

in its opinion, tax loading as a whole 2 can affect plans of the companies on oil recovery increase. " serious discussion (this question) and, probably, certain correction (tax loading) " Is required; - considers Klepach.