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to the Russian Internet 10 years

On the Russian Internet (Runet) are executed registered already more than 200 thousand domain names. Such data was resulted by the head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Michael Seslavinsky.

" However this figure does not reflect all force and the importance of a Runet as in it the large quantity of sites W domain names of the third level " is not considered; - the press - agency service in the MSG extended on Tuesday gives of a word Seslavinsky.

according to the head of agency, in 2004 to the Russian Internet 10 years are executed. " the Internet from the sphere accessible at the beginning of 90 - h only to fans - to enthusiasts and a narrow circle of experts, has turned to the mass phenomenon " - considers Seslavinsky.

He hopes that the Internet becomes a part of an everyday life of ANY1 person and " will come to ANY1 house, in ANY1 family " as when - that it happens W television and radio.

The Runet becomes a place in which it is realised " the extensive information environment " the agency head considers. Through a Runet users have an opportunity to use news lines, electronic libraries, search engines, the Internet - shops, electronic mail boxes. Personal users can create personal the Internet - pages, and the companies - to place in the Network the presentation sites.

" we observe prompt development of an electronic labour market " - has told Seslavinsky. First of all, it concerns sites of search and the WRK offer, he considers.

Seslavinsky has congratulated on anniversary of users of a Runet, and also the company and experts, whose WRK is directed on its development and " transformation into effective branch of economy of Russia ".