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In Moscow the exhibition of artists of a dynasty of Kugachej

the Exhibition of artists of a dynasty of Kugachej " will open; Link of times " will open on Thursday, on December, 2nd in Moscow.

the exposition will take place in halls muzejno - expocentre of the Moscow academic art lycee of the Russian academy of Arts (RAH). Thematic, genre cloths, Yury Kugacha`s landscapes and Olga Svetlichnoj`s poetic landscapes, conversations of Michael Kugacha, portraits, landscapes, Ivan Kugacha`s interiors, Ekaterina Kugach`s still-lifes, and also numerous etudes and drawings of a creative family have entered Into it.

" pictures of the national artist of the USSR Yury Kugacha well-known to a wide range of spectators. Its many cloths presented to expositions, became for a long time classics of Russian picturesque school " - have noted in department of information RAH. The master C the problem in representing, comprehending and poeticizing life of Russian people. " Russian rural life it is reasonable and beautiful " - Yury Kugach considers.

the Worship for the native nature and emotional perception of world around reflect WRK of his wife Olga Svetlichnoj.

Products of their son of Michael Kugacha - the merited artist of the Russian Federation are got by tender feelings to the nature sredne - Russian earth, to people living and creating on it.

creativity of young generation displays more likely country, than rural subjects. Ekaterina Kugach`s bright and juicy still-lifes tell about the present and contemporaries.

the products of artists of different generations presented in a uniform exposition visually show that the main source of their creativity - LUV to Russia, a close connection with the native earth, the nature. Than them is sincere, vital art opens variety and beauty of world around, have noted in RAH.