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Vice-commander OVS the NATO in Europe names " highly successful " mission of an alliance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Peace-making mission of a military contingent of the NATO (SFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina which since December, 2nd of current year will be spent under the flag of the European Union, was " highly successful ".

Such opinion has voiced on Tuesday on a press - conferences in Bruxelles commander evrofor, the assistant to commander-in-chief Obedinenymi NATO armed forces in Europe general John of a Fig.

" I think that NATO mission was highly successful. For the period which has expired since December, 1995 when have been noted hardened stoknovenija between ethnic communities and as a result which, by our estimations, were lost an order of 200 thousand persons, we tried to restore trust from the population " - the general has told, answering a question " News ".

" The NATO was possible to provide more safe environment that has allowed to strengthen this trust and to return to refugees to the houses, including that who, running from violence, has left country limits " - the general has specified.

" throughout these years I watched situation development in Bosnia, I was there in the MOM of the heaviest collisions, and I can tell that each time when I there prizzhaju, progress becomes more and more impressing and notable " - commander evrofor has concluded.

Kontignent of peace-making mission of EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina which Rice named stabilisation, will total seven thousand military men from 22 EU member states and 11 third countries, including Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Switzerland and Turkey.

mission evrofor will be carried out in close cooperation with the NATO which will have a military staff to Sarajevo with staff of 150 officers.

The Greatest number of military men in structure EVROFOR will be had by Great Britain - 1600 persons. The military contingents deployed now in Bosnia and Herzegovina by transfer of peace-making mission from the NATO 2 EU will be saved 2 by France, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Canada.