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Dzhenson Batton recognised that has made a mistake, declaring transition in " Williams "

the Racer " Formulas - 1 " Dzhenson Batton in interview to the newspaper " Gardian " recognised that has made a mistake, declaring the transition in " Williams " the next year.

according to Battona supporting " the BAR - Honda " it has arrived incorrectly as has publicly declared returning in Frenka Williams`s command, without having talked over W the head of that time " the BAR " David Richards.

24 - the summer Englishman expected to use point of the contract W " the BAR " and to leave in " Williams " W which EVN has had time to sign the contract. However Richards`s command has decided to challenge this agreement, and the contract commission " Formulas - 1 " recognised its correctness. Thus, on transition of Battona the veto has been imposed, and the racer had to remain in " the BAR ".

" I was wrong that has not talked to Richards " - has declared Batton.

Now the pilot asserts that is quite happy with the decision of the contract commission and that remained in " the BAR - Honda ". As he said, he wanted to leave because in the middle of the championship the command had a full uncertainty W the supplier of engines the next year. But recently concern " Honda " has got 45 % of actions " the BAR " and accordingly to continue to deliver the motors.

in the World championship - 2004 Batton and " the BAR - Honda " have acted successfully enough, having passed FWD only pilots " Ferrari ". The British has occupied 3 - e a place in personal offset after Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, and its command finished the second in the Cup of designers.