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Revenge or a pardon: an unevident choice

the Problem of teenage cruelty and violence at school already far is not new to a cinema. It is enough to remember " the Elephant " Gasa Van Senta or " the Stuffed animal " Rolana Bykova, and from fresher examples - Estonian " the Class " Ilmara Raaga (2007), Swedish " Time, two, three, four, seven " Emilja Junsvika from last year`s competition MMKF or projects Valerii Guy Germaniki - " All will die, and I will remain " and villages " School ".

In " to Sweep " this subject - not the basic, but is played duly. If in the majority of films the child an hour and a half screen time suffers mockeries of contemporaries, and then simply is in school and all shoots, at Bir all occurs immediately.

Christian appears at new school and in the first put C, how humiliate Eliasa. Having stood up for the boy, it and itself RCVs on a nose, but practically at once strikes back: the thin ten years` boy, having caught for the offender in a toilet, methodically beats him on a head the bicycle pump, and at last puts a knife to a throat.

Poverzhennyj the opponent   bleeds profusely, creeping on a floor, and Christian very quietly explains to the PA that always hits back wherefore only it can guarantee that next time to you will not stick. The boy is entirely assured: harm should be punished.

Fathers and children

the Second leitmotif " to Sweep " - relations of parents and children.

Christian W the father, Klausom, cannot find common language in any way. After funeral of mother the father tries to support the son, having praised its gravestone speech. Also RCVs in the answer: " to You all time " is no need to talk to me;. But we can talk, Klaus minds. " Only not at my expense " - the boy cuts off.

Christian cannot 4gv to the father that that fooled around, and when it already was seriously ill, wished it death. Klaus tries to prove to the son that sometimes the death is much better, than infernal pains, but any arguments are not capable to justify in the opinion of the boy of the surrendered father.

Eliasa do not have a relation W mother. He constantly W8 for arrival of the father and dreams, that parents have AGN decided to live 2GETHR - EVN suggests the father to fight, believing that such " heroic " the act can be pleasant to its former WF.


Revenge – the dish which should be submitted cold

Here is how time not taken place fight and becomes a plot outset. Anton never responds violence to violence and when the brutal mechanic some times beats the doctor, having considered that that has offended its child, Anton avoids fight, refusing to hit back.

4 Anton who in Africa daily faces much more terrible things, skirmish W the mechanic - trifles. Some episodes on its operational table appear later the local criminal BOS, which « had a good time » that cut stomachs to pregnant women. And EVN here the choice is obvious to Anton: contrary to the general opinion it undertakes to treat the gangster., As a matter of fact, it undertakes vain: having come to the senses, the BOS lets know that resuscitation - not an occasion to refuse former life. And then Anton nevertheless gives it on crowd worry.

But at Christian and Eliasa of special doubts that the offender should be revenged, no. On eyes the fireworks 4gotten in garage of which M8 make an explosive come across and put it under the car of the mechanic. Set fire to a match. And they have a minute to escape, but all goes not according to plan …

the Best world

In English vante the picture is called In A Better World (" In the best world ") . Bir admitted interview that this vant is pleasant to it EVN more: in it is though any hope of the worthy ending though in a society where the violence reigns, it is difficult to people to remain decent.

As well as many European directors, it the psychology of the usual person who has appeared in difficult circumstances first of all interests. So in its film " Open hearts " (2002) it is a question of the girl, whose groom on the eve of wedding has an accident and becomes the invalid. The following WRK - " BRO " (2004) – the history of two BRO, one of which goes to war to Afghanistan. " that we have lost " (2007) – the story ABT the woman lost the husband and coping with a misfortune by means of its friend.

Bir Works, as a rule, W the Danish script writer Anders Thomas Jensenom, and at shooting aspires to follow principles " Dogmas - 95 " Thought up other Dane, Larsom a background Trierom: it agree " to Dogma " it is necessary to use exclusively a hand-held camera and to remove strictly on nature: any scenery, pavilions, special effects and artificial light.