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the Belarus oppositionists of Statkevicha and Ussa will start to judge on May, 11th

Minsk, 28 apr - News, Alexey Bukchin. Eks - candidates for presidents of Belarus Nikolay Statkevich and Dmitry Uss will appear B4 court of Lenin area of Minsk on May, 11th, the representative of court has informed News on Thursday.

the Belarus opposition suited on December, 19th, 2010 an unapproved protest action in Minsk after has been declared victory on elections of working president Alexander Lukashenko. Holding a meeting stormed the government House. The militia has detained more than 600 persons, the majority of them have been punished administratively. On criminal case ABT mass riots pass some tens persons.

" Business of Statkevicha and Ussa will start to listen to court on May, 11th in 10. 30 " - the representative of court has told.

He has added that process will pass in an open format.

Now Statkevich is in a pre-trial detention centre of KGB of Belarus, and Uss - under a subscription ABT nevyezde. Both are accused of the organisation of mass riots.

In Minsk already there are courts on the case of mass riots. Now case eks - the candidate for Andrey Sannikova`s presidents and more several oppositionists is heard.

Two active workers of the Belarus opposition, Dmitry Novik and Alexander Molchanov are denounced for participation in mass riots on December, 19th 2 imprisonment on three and a half and three years, accordingly. The sentence has entered validity on March, 12th. Two more denounced for participation in the mass action on December, 19th - Alexander Otroshchenkov, a press - the secretary of the candidate in presidents on elections of 2010 of Andrey Sannikova, and Vasily Parfenkov, the active worker of a selective staff of the candidate in Vladimir Nekljaeva`s presidents. Both of them are sentenced to four years of the imprisonment, the first - in a colony of the strengthened mode, the second - in a high security colony. Young oppositionist Nikita Lihovid is sentenced to three and a half to years of imprisonment W serving in a colony of the strengthened mode. The Authorized representative eks - the candidate for Andrey Sannikova Dmitry Bondarenko`s presidents it is sentenced to two years of imprisonment.

Citizens of Russia Artem Breus and Ivan Gaponov, 2 arrested for participation in mass riots in Minsk, have been sentenced to the penalty in 3,5 thousand dollars ANY1 and released from - under guards in a court hall. They did not begin to appeal against sentence.