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Actors from Italy have defeated at festival " the Tsar - a fairy tale " in Novgorod

GREAT Novgorod, 28 apr - News, Andrey Letjagin. festival Jury " the Tsar - a fairy tale " recognised as the best performance 4 children statement " Manolibera (the EZ hand) " presented by actors Italian S˝arlattine Teatro (Bergamo, Lekko), have informed News on Thursday at the Novgorod theatre 4 children and youth - the organizer of a forum.

Besides, awards were RCVed by actors of the Russian academic youth theatre (RAMT) from Moscow for performance " the Fearless barin " theatre ˝redo (Sofia, Bulgaria) for performance " the PA it is always right " the Novgorod theatre 4 children and youth for performance " Spam " theatre Nanohash (Prague, Czechia) for performances " Ozhukovlenie " and " Captivated de the Suite " Both Gast Life and Alexandra N Posse (Russia - France) for performance " Odyssey ".

Viesturs Mejkshans from the Latvian Valmiersky drama theatre for statement " became the Winner of review for the best direction; the High water and solstices in sounds of Straumeny ".

the youth jury has awarded a prize " Other sight " Swiss Pan Theatre (Lugano) for performance " the Small garden of Gaja ".

festival " the Tsar - a fairy tale " has opened in Great Novgorod on April, 23rd and has come to the end on Wednesday evening.

theatres have taken part In the Novgorod review of statements 4 children this year from 12 countries which have presented an order of 20 performances on the basis of myths, eposes, legends, fairy tales, classical and modern plays. The festival has passed with support of Ministry of culture and the Union of theatrical figures.

the First festival " the Tsar - a fairy tale " Has taken place in Great Novgorod in 1992, since then it is spent time in two years.