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Prince William and his wife will RCV a title of the duke and the duchess Cambridge

LDN, 29 apr - News, Alexander Smotrov. Prince William and his wife Ketrin after matrimony which will take place on Friday, will RCV titles of the duke and the duchess Cambridge (Duke and Du˝hess of ˝ambridge), officially declared on Friday morning office of a royal court yard.

" the Queen has CFMed with a ducal title of prince William after wedding, it becomes the duke Cambridge, and also will RCV titles of columns Strathernsky (Earl of Strathearn) and baron Karrikfergjus (Baron ˝arri˝kfergus) " - it is SPK in a court yard MSG.

Corresponding titles - the duchess Cambridge, the countess Strathernsky (˝ountess of Strathearn) and lady Karrikfergjus (Lady ˝arri˝kfergus) - will RCV also spouse William Ketrin.

the Official form of the reference to spouses will be " It/ Its Royal Highness ".

the Title of the duke Cambridge, named in honour of a known university city of England, was used since 18 centuries 4 some younger members of a royal dynasty, since 1981 it was vacant.

the Title the column Strathernsky, conducting the roots from the name of the Scottish city of Strathern, remained vacant since 1943.

the Title of baron Karrikfergjusa named in honour of the largest city of the North Irish county Antrim and one of the oldest settlements in Ireland, was not used since 1883.

Members of the British royal family traditionally use various titles in various parts of the United Kingdom.