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Against the woman who have casually shot the girlfriend in a dash, action

Moscow, 29 apr - News is brought. Inspectors have filed criminal charges concerning the woman who on imprudence has shot the girlfriend in shooting club in Moscow, informs on Friday the main investigatory management of Investigatory committee on Moscow.

In the middle of April the woman - the marksman has mortally wounded the acquaintance in a dash on severo - the West of Moscow. Incident has occurred in a sport centre dash " the Predator " Raspletina located in the street. The woman shot on targets from a pistol " the Viking " after the first shot the weapon as a result of return has rejected aside, and there was one more shot. The bullet some times srikoshetila also has got to a head to one more participant of shooting. The victim has been taken to hospital, where from the got wound has died.

" Investigating bodies of the main investigatory management across Moscow make investigation of the criminal case raised in the relation of Tatyana Egorovoj as regards 1 article 109 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (death causing on imprudence) upon death of the woman who have come out wound in a head, RCVed in shooting club " the Predator " - it is SPK in a MSG.

Under article incriminated by Egorovoj punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term up to two years is provided. Now the suspect selects a preventive punishment in the form of a subscription ABT nevyezde and appropriate behaviour.

Within the limits of business a number of examinations, including ballistic, dactyloscopic and biological is appointed.

" Besides, the inspector appoints carrying out of technical expert appraisal which will allow to establish concrete infringements of safety precautions regulations which have been admitted by the instructor of shooting club " - it is marked in a MSG.

Lost Alexander Voronkova was the employee of the Moscow state university of a name M.V.Lomonosova.