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the Star Russian Zorro: it is not necessary to confuse a musical to a vaudeville

- Zorro - the special project, in it there is all: sexuality, passions, the Spanish colour. I had to master other vocal manner and a plastic arts to be similar to the Spaniard: W us two MTH B4 a premiere were engaged. But now 4 me a compliment when my acquaintances do not learn me in performance thanks to other vocal manner and a black wig. " Natasha at you such bottoms have opened... " - the puzzled M8 SPK. And I also am glad, to surprise is so pleasantly!

we W the Spanish troupe had a perfect collective, we take each other literally from a half-word. We spend time the whole year 2GETHR, we arrange tremendous PRTs - ñooking parties, we have fun.

- Tell, the Russian versions of the well-known statements from European or American how much strongly differ?

- On the threshold of musical closing on May, 31st, it is literally couple of days ago we W Nonnoj Grishaevoj and Dmitry Ermakom have returned from Amsterdam where passed on baton to the Dutch statement Zorro. We sat in a hall and looked, how the European actors play. I can safely tell that it is necessary to be proud of our statement. The matter is that, thanks to our drama school, the Russian statements are more serious, deeper also they more present.

- And what will come in the stead Zorro?

the Following musical in which, I hope, to me will have the luck to play - romantic history " music Sounds ". It is the classical musical telling about LUV against war on which the film in Hollywood, RCVed five " has been shot; Oscars ". I think that in Russia this history is simply doomed to success: The war subject is very close to our people, responds in our hearts, and besides children are involved in performance, and children on a scene always call spectator LUV. But the main thing is music which is matchless.

I very want go to Salzburg, where on a plot there is an action to walk on the Alpine meadows, to take pleasure in a smell of a mountain clover, to admire the blue sky, transparent lakes, to like that mood, to understand, how to heroes it was Gud during pre-war time that they have lost and for what sensations grieve.

- There is an opinion that the Russian spectator and has not accepted musicals that is the stranger 4 our mentality a genre.


is not so - opposite, now spectators began to understand and accept this genre. The matter is that to make here expensive qualitative project in that kind in which it C in Vest - Ende or on the Broadway of very hardly, such statements no more than one to all Moscow.

But other nepotrebshchina level of a theatrical circle which show on scenes of theatres, too it is proud calls itself a musical. It is important, that the spectator has learnt to distinguish one from another. It is not enough present actors of a musical. To them make very severe demands: the professional vocal is necessary, ability is perfect to move, and thus it is necessary to be the strong drama actor. And more it is necessary to be able to maintain loading more than in 36 performances in MTH, playing highly professional level every day.

- As you have got to a musical? Really dreamt of it since the childhood, living in Ekaterinburg?

- The way I have chosen since the childhood: Vocal, choreography, dances, rhythmic gymnastics, drawing - my life in school days passed not in a court yard W friends, and on employment. It was my free choice. Not parents forced me, and I, eight-year, have resulted them for a hand in music school.

the Decision to practise music too a whim was not: in a kindergarten I have been enamoured of the young teacher who so remarkably played a piano that I have decided to become same when I will grow. It, having worked with me a little, has taught me to play " 2 Elize " and " the Lunar sonata ".

Already studying at music school on a piano class, I have gone to pioneer camp where participated in all possible competitions: sang, danced, in general, was a local star. And our leader Paul Garkusha (in Ekaterinburg it had very known jazz studio " the Triton ") Which observed me all change, has insisted on a MTG with my MA and has convinced her that I should be engaged at them. It was my guru. The matter is that the studio Garkusha has typed the best teachers of Ekaterinburg. All time of study at school we had unbounded concerts, tours.

Already studying in the seventh grade schools, I precisely knew that I will go to arrive in theatrical institute. And when I ended the Ekaterinburg state theatrical institute (masterful A.Rusinova and N.Rusakovoj) has learnt that has taken place a casting in a musical ñats which was put by the company " Stejdzh Entertejnment ". But participation has refused.


- B4 the diploma remains only one and a half MTH, and I did not want to bring colleagues and teachers. When degree performances on which directors from different cities at me from all course was most of all offers gather have gone: I the heroine and at the same time - the characteristic actress. Only I have started to choose, as to me have AGN called from " Stejdzh Entertejnment " have called on casting Mamma Mia.

It was a hard time: I could not accept any offer in theatres - to play half a year and it would be dishonest to leave; from other party, there were no guarantees that I will pass a casting. But I have passed for a leading role, and it was the new mark in my life. Represent, us almost at once have carried to Stockholm to get acquainted with group the ABBA, we began to work W the best directors of the world, teachers, choreographers.

W Mamma Mia we have set up a record 4 Russia, having played everyday hire more than 650 performances.

- As you have sustained?

- At first it was heavy, but now I can sing in a NE status as I badly felt myself. Our doctor - foniator always SPK: " Praise to thy teachers which have taught you to use correctly the vocal device ".

If it is fair, to exist in other schedule I cannot any more. When there are days off, leave Moscow, Russia. But more than two weeks have a rest too I can not - I start to wither W/ O WRK. Recently has stopped to act in film in 40 - serial televillage 4 the channel " Russia " " Dusty WRK " about provincial militia, I there play together with the partner on Zorro Dimoj Ermakom. In the summer too to have a rest it will not turn out - there are some interesting offers, have suggested to take part in full metre, a romantic summer comedy. It is very tempting.