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In " Ashanah " in Moscow have found repeatedly frozen and delayed goods

Moscow, 29 apr - News. the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow has revealed set of transgressions ABT security of foodstuff in capital hypermarkets of a network of Open Company " Ashan " where, in particular, in sale there are repeatedly frozen and delayed products, and also the perishable goods W illegally increased term of realisation, informs on Friday capital supervising department.

In shop on the Ryazan prospectus in department " the Delicatessen " on labels of perishable meat products realisation term is increased for six days. In the same place on sale it is revealed defrostirovannoe and repeatedly frozen ice-cream.

In shop on HWY of Enthusiasts infringements of marks of perishable meat products - on five packings syrokopchenoj sausages " 2 are revealed; Pepperoni " 0,761 kgs realisation terms are increased by lump for two days. Besides, at the moment of the check which date is not specified, in department " Cookery " in realisation there were delayed salads: " Cabbage marinaded " in weight 3,268 kgs, " Combs " - 1,684 kgs, ginger marinaded - 1,14 kgs.

Based on the results of testing the public prosecutor has raised in Open Company relation " Ashan " and officials of the company five affairs ABT the administrative offence provided by article 6. 3 KoAP of the Russian Federation (infringement of the legislation in the field of maintenance sanitary - epidemiological well-being of the population and the legislation on technical regulation).

To the general director " Ashana " the Office of Public Prosecutor has brought representations ABT elimination of transgressions.

Trading group Aushan has been created in 1961 by Zherarom Mjule. Now its structure includes more than 1,2 thousand shops in 13 countries. The company turn in 2008 has made 39,5 billion euro.

In the Russian market Aushan works since 2002, by data on the middle of December, 2010 in the Russian Federation 44 hypermarkets " have been opened; Ashan ": 22 - in Moscow, six - in Petersburg, two - in Rostov-on-Don, two - in Ekaterinburg, two - in Novosibirsk, on one - in Adygea, Samara, Krasnodar, Nizhni Novgorod, Omsk. Podolsk, Orehovo - Zuevo and Voronezh.