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the Quarter of natural fires in April is called by an arson of a dry grass - the Ministry of Emergency Measures

Moscow, on May, 4th - News. Every fourth natural fire which has arisen in April in territory of Russia, became result of an arson of a last year`s dry grass, all in the past MTH has been registered more than 2,5 thousand centres, the representative of management of the information of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation has given on Wednesday of News.

" In territory of the Russian Federation for a MTH has arisen 2,54 thousand centres of natural fires, from them more than 25 % - because of agricultural palov " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, the increase in quantity unapproved palov a dry grass is marked in territory of the Amur region, Seaside, Krasnoyarsk and Transbaikalian edges.

Last summer and partially in the autumn on a considerable part of Russia the strongest natural fires called by an abnormal heat blazed. As a result of elements in 19 subjects of federation 199 settlements have suffered, have burnt down 3,2 thousand houses, 62 persons were lost. The general damage has exceeded 12 billion roubles.