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Lauruses: control of resolutions across Libya can carry out only the United Nations

Moscow, on May, 6th - News. Control over performance of the resolutions can carry out only United Nations Security council, and these powers were not delegated to contact group across Libya, head has declared on Friday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

the Decision on creation of contact group across Libya was accepted in the end of March at the international conference in LDN. The contact group urged to co-ordinate the international reaction to events in Libya and to be the CTR of contacts between the world community and interested parties in this North African country. The first session of group has taken place on April, 13th in capital of Qatar to the Fur-coat. Participation in the Roman MTG in May representatives of 22 countries, six international organisations, in particular, have accepted the United Nations, Leagues of the Arabian states and the Organization Islamic Conference, and also four countries - observers. The third MTG of contact group across Libya will pass in the United Arab Emirates in the middle of June.

" Security council, accepting the resolutions, only itself also can carry out political control over their performance, only itself and can define the further line on this or that question. The Security council has these powers under the Charter of the United Nations and it did not delegate them contact group (across Libya), to somebody else " - the Russian minister has told.

According to Lavrova, the informal contact group consists of the responsible states.

" All of them ratified the Charter of the United Nations and are obliged to respect powers of Security council " - has added Lauruses.

the Conflict in Libya has begun with mass protest actions against a mode of Kaddafi in the middle of February and has outgrown in the armed opposition by the MTH end.

the UNSF has accepted on March, 17th the resolution providing introduction bespoletnoj of a zone over Libya and opening possibility of foreign military intervention in a situation in this North African country. Great Britain, France, the USA, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway take part in the operation which have begun on March, 19th of coalition forces, in particular. The management of campaign in Libya has completely passed on March, 31st 2 representatives of command of the NATO. The purpose of operation of the North Atlantic alliance which has RCVed a code name " the Incorporated defender " is, as declare in the NATO, maintenance of embargo on arms supplies, bespoletnoj a zone and measures on protection of civilians.

At voting of UNSF by the resolution which provided introduction bespoletnoj zones over Libya and has opened possibility of foreign military intervention, Russia has refrained. The prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin has subjected on April, 26th to criticism of action of the western coalition in Libya, having declared that they are beyond the problems defined by the resolution of UNSF.