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16 tys grapes saplings will plant in royal park in the south of England

Moscow, on May, 6th - News. More than 16 thousand saplings of technical grades of grapes will be planted next week in the Big Windsor park, in territory of LUVed residence of Elizabeth II in small town Windsor near LDN, informs on Friday France Presse agency referring to the chief executive of company Direst Wines Sajmona the Poppy - Myortri (Simon MŮMurtrie).

Company Direst Wines - the owner of the supplier of wines Laithwaites Wine which will be engaged in manufacture " royal " fault.

" Company Laithwaites Wine very much is proud of that have invited her to grow up grapes in Windsor park. As leaders of manufacture of English wine we are happy to do the utmost to help to increase its manufacture and popularity in our country. This perfect project is now at the most initial stage. We will tell the further details when it (grapes) will grow " - the agency of a word the Poppy - Myortri gives.

According to the British Daily Telegraph newspaper, in park such grades of grapes as shardone (white), pino mene (red) and pino nuar (issinja - black) which approach 4 manufacture of sparkling wines will be landed.

Earlier on a park place in Windsor (a county Berkshire) there were hunting grounds, and in 1066 English king Wilhelm I Conqueror has constructed the lock which subsequently has become by residence of the British monarchs on a place of grounds.