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Zhukov: reduction of a set of humanists in high schools - a short-sighted measure

- I think that humanitarian knowledge does not happen much. They are necessary for the NE person without dependence from its future trade. I can not tell that qualitative experts of a humanitarian profile are prepared many. Simply it seemed to us that in the country it is a lot of economists and lawyers and there are no engineers, experts of a technical profile. Time will show to us that AAM it not absolutely so.

after liquidation in 2004 of Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation at us requirements of the market for experts practically are not studied. We SPK that bachelors and masters are necessary to us, but we do not specify, on what directions of preparation and in what regions. While we will not answer these questions, all reasonings on a subject of distribution of budgetary places will be inexact. To understand, a leah so, for example, engineers are necessary for us, it is necessary to understand, first of all, in what status there is an industry, a leah factories work, a leah is based their WRK on the newest technologies, or we preserve technical backwardness.

- According to monitoring of quality of enrolment of students - 2011, some high schools have typed this year on budgetary places of entrants W 40 - 50. How it is possible to stimulate high schools to raise quality of a set? After all reduction of budgetary places is considered such measure.

- In my opinion, a Unified State Examination mean score - a secondary question. We should be guided by what experts, in what quantity and 4 what branches are necessary. Depending on it it is necessary to define the state order – a set on budgetary places. There, where the state order is counted responsibly, this problem is not present. If there are no calculations, and to carry out the state order it is necessary, of course, high schools will accept entrants W a low point.

to Close or to reduce a set in high schools or to separate directions from - for a low lowest passing score, without knowing requirement of economy for those or other shots, simply short-sighted. Otherwise we will come up against a situation when some branches remain W/ O shots. Experience of reforming of system of initial and AVG vocational training has led to such results in the market of working trades.

- And a leah it is possible to foretell precisely in the conditions of the modern economy, what experts will be necessary for us through 4 - 6 years when graduates will end high schools and leave on a labour market?

- And than we are worse than Japan which plans development of economy of the country on 25000 indicators? Than we are worse than other countries - Germany, Canada, the USA which operate the same as the State Planning Committee of the USSR earlier operated? We have decided that invisible hands of the market will react to all, and have ceased to be engaged in it. And in other countries of such error to itself did not allow. It is necessary to be engaged not only flowing, but strategic management, and it is under construction on the basis of strategic forecasting and planning.

As to set reduction as a whole it will occur inevitably simply owing to demographic recession. Last year was 860 thousand graduates of schools, and this year on 90 thousand it is less, next year will be even less. Thus the budgetary set while is reduced insignificantly: where - that it reduce, and where - that increase. Certainly, it is necessary not only to reduce a set, but also on a broader scale to be engaged in optimisation of system of higher education. Further higher school developments it is impossible W/ O integration of high schools, association of that potential which they possess, consolidations of financial and other resources of high schools.

- Authors of Unified State Examination - monitoring SPK about necessity of creation of a summary rating of high schools in which would be considered not only Unified State Examination points, but also, in particular, the information on career and salaries of graduates. What do you think of this idea?

- to Create such ratings it is necessary, but it is not necessary to absolutise their value. Just as it is impossible to absolutise value of the Olympic Games, for example. In the summer I always meet entrants and to their parents and I know that them interests. In - the first where there take place practice our students; in - the second where graduates after the high school termination are arranged; in - the third who from known people in the country teaches at university, and the fourth – a leah is known people among heads of university. Parents and entrants set the same questions to our graduates – here that on - to the present them stirs, instead of a high school place in a rating.