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the Number of forest fires in the Russian Federation for days was reduced W 40 B4 37 centres

Moscow, 26 sen - News. the Quantity of forest fires in Russia for days has decreased W 40 B4 37 centres, 11 large forest fires are besides fixed, has informed Rosleshoz on Monday.

" As of morning on September, 26th, 2011 in territory of wood fund of the Russian Federation 37 fires are fixed, including 11 burnout operate in three subjects of the Russian Federation: to Tuva, Buryatiya and Transbaikalian edge. For the last days by forest fires it is passed 1,75 thousand hectares " - it is SPK in a MSG.

On suppression of fires 1 thousand 15 persons and 193 units of heavy fire technics is involved.

" For the last days in the Russian Federation 36 forest fires (including 4 large) from earlier operating " are liquidated; - it is SPK in a report. As have explained in department, the others 7 burnout are localised.

After statistican Rosleshoza, 75 % of forest fires have arisen because of local population, the reasons of occurrence of 25 % of forest fires are established.

All from the beginning of a fire-dangerous season according to department, has burnt out 1,337 million hectares of wood and adjoining territories (for example, bogs).

Last summer and partially in the autumn on a considerable part of territory of the country the strongest natural fires called by an abnormal heat blazed. In 19 subjects of federation 199 settlements have suffered, have burnt down 3,2 thousand houses, 62 persons were lost. This year fire 2 has extended on the big areas in the Far East, in Siberia and on severo - the West of Russia.