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the Index of business climate IFO in Germany in September has fallen B4 107,5 points

Moscow, 26 sen - News. the Index of a business climate in the largest economy of Europe - Germany - in September has decreased for 1,2 points in comparison with August - B4 107,5 points, follows from a MSG of research institute IFO.

the Indicator has appeared better forecasts of analysts which expected decrease in an index to 106,5 points.

Thus the index of current economic conditions in September has decreased B4 117,9 points about 118,1 points in August, and the index of economic expectations has decreased to 98 points about 100,1 points.

the German research institute IFO in the end of ANY1 MTH publishes the review on economy of Germany for prior MTH.

the Major indicator in the report is the index of the business climate which calculation is spent by poll approximately seven thousand companies - respondents. Value of the indicator thus can change in limits from 80 points B4 120 points. For 100 points level of 1991 is accepted.

two more indicators are published In the report, being a component of an index of a business climate, - an index of a current economic situation and the index of economic expectations reflecting sights business - country communities on prospects of development of economy following six MTH.