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" Gazprom " will concede the rights to gas W " Sakhalin - 2 " Ministry for the Power Generating Industry

SOUTHERN - SAHALINSK, 27 sen - News. Open Society " Gazprom " expects to sign within several days the contract from Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation ABT a cedation of the rights to the gas, RCVed as a royalty from the project " Sakhalin - 2 " the chief of coordination of east projects " has informed journalists; Gazprom " Victor Timoshilov.

" WRK goes, within several days all we will sign " - he has told in a conference lobby " Oil and gas of Sakhalin 2011 ".

as appears from the order of the government of the Russian Federation from September, 6th, a royalty from the project " Sakhalin - 2 " from September, 2011 till December, 2014 it will be paid inclusive by gas, instead of money resources, the right to gas will RCV Open Society " Gazprom ". Gas will be used 4 deliveries to consumers of Far East federal district, and in case of insufficiency of volumes gas the share of profitable production will arrive also.

Thus the government has disposed that the rights to reception of a royalty and production are conceded by gas " to Gazprom " W monthly transfer in the federal budget of such volumes of gas of means obtained from realisation. The price of realisation of gas is defined proceeding from the wholesale prices reduced by size of expenses, connected with transportation - in 2011 - 2012 4 Primorski Territory - 2250 roubles for one thousand cubic metre, 4 the Sakhalin region - 100 roubles for one thousand cubic metre, and 2013 - 2014 - in the size corresponding to expenses for 2012, increased by a look-ahead rate of inflation.

" Gazprom " incurs a duty on the organisation of the account of volumes of RCVed gas, transportation and delivery to consumers.

Head " Gazprom " Alexey Miller in the beginning of September at a MTG with premieres - minister Vladimir Putin has informed that the Russian Federation till 2014 will RCV a royalty from the project " Sakhalin - 2 " gas 4 deliveries on the pipeline " Sakhalin - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok " which has been started on September, 8th.

Within the limits of the project " Sakhalin - 2 " Piltun - the Astohsky and Lunsky deposits accustom, taken which stocks are estimated in 150 million tons of oil and 500 billion cubic metre of gas. Shareholders are " Gazprom " (50 % plus one action), Royal Dut˝h Shell (27,5 %) and Japanese Mitsui (12,5 %) and Mitsubishi (10 %). The operator of the project is consortium Sakhalin Energy.

Sakhalin Energy develops deposits on the basis of the agreement on production section (SRP), the prisoner in 1994. It was originally supposed that the state will RCV a royalty (incomes of the project) money, subsequently has been signed the order, resolving to participants SRP to pay in a royalty gas. The state planned to pass RCVed raw materials " to Gazprom " 4 deliveries to the Far East. Subsequently this decision has been changed, as calculations W the state in the natural form contradict the Budgetary code. Gas 4 the Far East was supposed to be bought at Sakhalin Energy but because its price on SRP is adhered to the gas price in the Western Europe, the company should RCV a grant which size could make B4 a quarter of incomes of a royalty from the state.

the Project of the main gas pipeline " Sakhalin - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok " it is realised within the limits of East gas program directed on creation of uniform system of extraction, gas and gas supply transportation. Extent of the first starting complex of a gas pipeline - 1,35 thousand kilometres, productivity - 6 billion cubic metre of gas a year.

the Coordinator of realisation of the program is " Gazprom ".