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Russia and Kirghizia have signed the cooperation agreement in narcostruggle

Moscow, 27 sen - News. Head FSKN the Russian Federation Victor Ivans and the vice-president of the State committee of national security of Kirghizia Dujshon Chotkoraev on Tuesday have signed the bilateral agreement ABT cooperation in struggle against a drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and them prekursorov, the correspondent of News informs.

" Now we have a new legal platform which will allow to translate our relations in more dense " - has informed Ivans.

On Tuesday of Ivans and Chotkaraev have carried on in Moscow negotiations. The parties have discussed questions operative and obshchestrategicheskogo values, in particular, priority directions of struggle against the Afghani narcotraffic on Northern route.

As have informed in FSKN the Russian Federation, the special ATTN has been given the questions connected with rendering by Russia financial, matelno - the technical and organizational help to antinarcotic service of Kirghizia.

" I would like to thank you for cooperation which one year goes not, and for your WRK in Ekaterinburg where recently there has passed our joint operation, cargoes W drugs, W hashish " have been detained; - Ivanov at a MTG with the Kirghiz delegation which has taken place on Tuesday in FSKN the Russian Federation in Moscow has told.

Ivanov has noted positive dynamics in teamwork of two departments. In particular, as he said, lately volumes of interceptions of drugs in Kirghizia has increased in 23 times. Director FSKN has expressed hope of the further cooperation as Russia renders to Kirghizia matelnuju and the technical help 4 struggle against drugs.

According to colleagues from Kirghizia, annually through this country in other countries transport about 20 tons of narcotic substances.

In August of Ivans informed journalists that in 2011 of the Russian Federation for the first time has allocated for strengthening of antinarcotic forces of Kirghizia of 7 million dollars for three years. In its opinion, further it is necessary to allocate even more money, and also to start similar programs of support to the transit countries - to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenia.

According to director FSKN, these expenses " itself will pay back in tens times as it is less 2 us will come drugs, and less we will suffer losses ". He has informed that corresponding estimates are already made, but did not begin to name the concrete sums of the offered help.