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Yury Berg: Orenburzhye became investment attractive region

- We have brought on a forum to Sochi of an order of 20 investment projects and offers, among them some large-scale projects in medicine sphere, for example, building regional perinatalnogo the CTR W volume of investments in 3 billion roubles. 2 we have presented civil-engineering designs vetroelektrostantsii, brick-works in cost 1 billion roubles. A subject of our special ATTN - the project which realisation we have already started own forces, but thus actively we search for the investor – it is children`s uchebno - the improving CTR " the Solar country " in Tjulgansky area W volume of investments in 3 billion roubles. Y to this project special ATTN? I think, you will share with me opinion that the most reliable and paid back were and there are investments into the human capital. Therefore we put in the future – in our children.

At the exhibition stand we have not ignored also a subject of the international transport corridor " Europe - the Western China ". 2DAY it is already known that to Orenburzhye in this project the key role caused by a unique geographical position of edge is taken away. To meet and see off " caravans " cars in a place of crossing of Europe and Asia there will be Orenburzhye. And 4 us it is the big responsibility – to be the first European region on a way from Asia to Europe.

Within the limits of a forum the Orenburg region has signed the contract from Open Society " Gazpromneft " in cost of five billions roubles. The company entering extracting market of Orenburzhye, was obliged for five next years to put up this money in development of an oil and gas complex of region, development of an infrastructure and increase of level of recycling of gas. I will give an example. Now " Gazprom " Extracts in region of 24 billion cubes of gas, but at chinks there is 2 a lot of oil in which they yet are not engaged. So present, how much 4 our country can be in addition extracted oil if to master, instead of to throw these " oil cream ". High hopes vozglagaem on development of cooperation with the company " Gazprom Oil " as 4 economy of our area are additional workplaces, taxes and, accordingly, development of social sphere and, of course, the decision of a question of ecology.

- Besides the contract W business you have signed a number of agreements W the Russian regions.

- it is valid, we have signed agreements W the Saratov region and republic Tatarstan. As to Saratov our regions connect for a long time partner relations, but it not an occasion to stop on the reached. At us similar destiny. Both regions – The frontier. There are many things in common in economic sphere.

the Cooperation agreement W Tatarstan 2 is very many-sided. It lives in our area of 160 thousand ethnic Tatars, and W/ O small 8 % of the population of region. Therefore at us only the solicitous attitude to the Tatar culture. We 2 are business partners: last year the multi-region turn of Tatarstan W our area has made 3,6 billion roubles W growth by 2009 almost twice. Have agreed that besides traditional subjects, 2GETHR we will work and over realisation of such interesting project, as creation in village Mustafino of Sharlynsky area of the Orenburg region of a house museum of the hero of Soviet Union, poet Musy Dzhalilja. He/she is the great son of the Tatar people who was born, has grown and lived in Orenburzhye.

- If to return 2 a subject of the investments, what branches of economy of the Orenburg region involve investors?

- First of all, of course, the industry. Investors put to the Orenburg region rich with natural resources. For example, in area 2DAY it is extracted 25 million tons of oil, 24 billion cubic metre of gas, such companies actively work for us as " metallinvest " " a Mechel " " Rusneft " " the Difficult metallurgical company " - the unique manufacturer in area of chisel locks 4 oil industry workers, burovikov and gazovikov. At us very interesting investment climate. 2 the investor puts up money in agriculture. In this sphere such large agroholdings, as the companies " work; Clear up " " the Oriole ".

As a whole at us a high rating of investment appeal: our area is in the first five of the Russian regions attractive to business dealing.

- how much actively foreign investors put up money in your region?

- If in figures, on volume of attraction of foreign investments the Orenburg region - on the second place in Privolzhsky federal district and in the twenty across Russia. Every fifth rouble in the budget - result of successful foreign trade activities.

Within the limits of an investment forum in Sochi we have held a MTG with representatives of business of France, Italy. The MTG with the ambassador of Italy in the Russian Federation Antonio Dzanardi Landi has taken place. The arrangement on its visit to the Orenburg region together with representatives of the Italian business is reached. It is especially important that the Italian businessmen already are present at area. Serious projects in region at the Italian companies " Merloni Prodzhekt " and " Sanija ". I think, they can introduce the colleagues the Orenburg region as reliable business partner.

- What support the area government renders to investors?

- Last year I would name 4 Orenburzhye revolutionary in respect of formation of essentially new investment shape of region. We have declared that are opened 4 cooperation. And with words we CFM business. This year in region has been created " Corporation of development of the Orenburg region " the main which sense of existence - the decision of all administrative problems of the investor by a principle " one window ". It should act as the uniform state operator on development of investment platforms and industlnyh parks in area territory. Any more the first year to the companies working in region and investing in development of own manufactures, is given a four percent privilege under the profit tax.

as Large achievement of an investment policy of the Orenburg region I consider the passed regional law " ABT mortgaging fund ". In the NE subject of federation there is a list of the state property – buildings, constructions, the ground areas and so on. The mortgaging fund is called in the form comprehensible to banks and, without endangering essentially important 4 area property, infrastructural interests, to give pledge 4 crediting of the most effective and socially - significant investment projects. The approximate list of that property of state ownership of the Orenburg region which can be potentially passed as pledge is already generated.

amendments to the regional law " Prepare 2; ABT the tax to property of the organisations ". To the strategic investors who have concluded contracts W the Government of area according to the Law of the Orenburg region " ABT investments in territory of the Orenburg region, carried out in the form of capital investments " the tax to property of the organisations should be removed completely. Besides, it is prepared and there is in a stage of consideration a bill " ABT the investment tax credit of the Orenburg region ". Its essence consists in granting of a delay of payment of regional taxes and the profit tax regarding transfer in the regional budget.

In competitive struggle for the investor we not passive observers. Orenburzhye is ready to divide W potential partners not only the future monasteries, but also all difficulties of the period of formation.