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the UNSF has discussed crisis in Kosovo, without having accepted any decisions

Sarajevo, 29 sen - News, Julia Petrovsky. UN Security Council Member countries have spent private consultations on a situation in the north Kosovo, but they did not manage to develop a uniform position, informs on Thursday agency " Tanjug " referring to diplomatic sources.

Emergency consultations have passed on Wednesday evening in New York at the initiative of Russia after on Tuesday in area kontrolno - check point " JArine " on administrative border of Serbia and edge Kosovo there were collisions between local residents and representatives of international forces KFOR under NATO command.

Serbs have put some barricades around a check point, trying to prevent WRK of customs and police services of Kosovan Albanians. As a result of the flashed collisions of four military men and seven Serbs have got wounds. Incident has led to failure of the next round of negotiations on technical questions between Belgrad and Prishtina, kotroyj should pass in Bruxelles 27 - on September, 28th.

" the Majority of the countries of UNSF have shown that understand all gravity of a situation in Kosovo " - informs Tanjug referring to diplomats.

the Western countries consider that the situation in the north Kosovo is under control, and KFOR and Mission of EU in the field of leadership of the law and the law and order (EULEX) operate according to the mandates, specify agency sources. In their opinion, problems in the north Kosovo can be solved only by dialogue at intermediary of the European union.

the USA have denounced " an attack of Serbs on representatives KFOR " also have urged all parties to preserve the peace, and Belgrad and Prishtina - to renew dialogue.

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Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Vuk Eremich on the eve of consultations in UNSF met in New York the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrovym who is taking part in WRK 66 - j sessions of General assembly of the United Nations.

According to agency " beta " to the Russian side all information, concerning latest developments in the north has been passed Kosovo, including concerning use of fighting cartridges to a check point " JArine ".

Russia has expressed concern in connection with intensity growth in Kosovo.

Under the statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the next splash in intensity in Kosovo " Has CFMed repeatedly voiced, including in Russia, preventions of dangerous consequences of claims of Prishtina on control over an administrative line between edge and other Serbia ".

the Situation on administrative border of Serbia and Kosovo has become aggravated in the middle of September when Kosovan Albanians have unilaterally placed the customs officers and policemen on a check point " JArine " and " Brnjak ". In the end of July the Kosovan authorities tried to grasp both check points by means of police special divisions. Besides Kosovan customs officers and policemen, on administrative border there are representatives EULEX and KFOR.

forces KFOR under NATO command operate in Kosovo since summer of 1999 according to the resolution 1244 UN Security Councils and Kumanovsky military - the technical agreement. Number of a contingent, according to the official data, 2 the beginning of August, 2011 made 5,872 thousand military men from 22 countries of the NATO and eight countries - organisation partners. At the moment of input of force KFOR totaled 46 thousand persons.

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the International military contingent has been entered into Kosovo after 78 - day bombardments of Serbia by the NATO countries. The North Atlantic alliance has interfered with a Kosovan confrontation 1998 - 1999 on the party of local Albanians (90 - 95 % of the population), achieving independence. Problems have been assigned to forces KFOR, in particular, on prevention of renewal of operations and security maintenance in Kosovo.

the Albanian authorities of Kosovo unilaterally with support of the USA and of some the European Union countries have intoned on February, 17th, 2008 independence of Serbia.