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the Quantity tomichej, suffered from pincers, has exceeded 22 tys foreheads

Tomsk, 29 sen - News, Eleonora Black. More than 22 thousand persons have suffered from stings of pincers in the Tomsk region in 2011, thus experts notice that epidsezon will come to the end " any day " regional Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora Svetlana Alekseeva`s representative has informed on Thursday of News.

" For today, under the operative data, W stings of pincers 22 140 persons, from them 3 430 - children were converted. Thus last week it has been registered only two stings. In total it is registered patients W kleshchevymi infections of 147 persons, 17 of them - children " - Alekseeva has told.

As she said, the dangerous season has gone on recession and should come to the end " any day " thus it, most likely, will exceed on duration epidsezon 2010.

the Dangerous season in 2011 in Tomsk has begun for 10 days earlier, than in 2010, - on April, 9th.

According to Rospotrebnadzora, in 2010 epidsezon started on April, 19th, has come to the end on October, 2nd, and has lasted 171 put that for 30 days it is less in comparison with 2009. In the past epidsezone in region 206 cases of infection kleshchevym entsefalitom have been registered that there are more than indicators of 2009 in 1,3 times. The quantity of cases of infection Lima, on the contrary, was reduced by illness in 1,1 times and has made 165.

Kleshchevoj entsefalit - prirodno - ochagovaja the virus infection characterised by a fever, an intoxication and defeat of grey substance and brain covers, and also spinal cord defeat. Disease can lead to proof neurologic and psychiatric complications and EVN 2 death of the patient.

Illness Lima - an infectious disease passed by pincers. Early displays of illness can include heat, headaches, weariness and a characteristic skin rash. Inadequate therapy can lead to development " a late stage " or chronic illness Lima when illness becomes trudnoizlechima and can cause physical inability.

Pincers became carriers of new disease - fevers of the Western Nile which earlier was not meeting in the Tomsk region. Disease by a fever proceeds on symptoms 2 as well as kleshchevoj entsefalit, therefore to find out a fever it is possible only thanks to laboratory researches.