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the Addict in Kuzbas has exchanged the niece for 200 roubles

Novokuznetsk, 30 sen - News, Stas Bendichenko. the addict in Kuzbas took in the hostage own niece from - that relatives have refused to give to it of money for the next dose, however has agreed to release the child on 200 roubles, the employee a press - services GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kuzbas Natalia Maslakova has told News.

state of emergency has occurred on September, 27th, but it became officially known ABT it only 2DAY.

" the dvadtsatisemiletny man narcodependent, has asked for relatives of money for drugs. However to it have refused. Then he has expelled mother and the SIS on street, and itself was locked in apartment W the five years` niece, threatening to kill her if will not give money " - has told Maslakova.

As she said, the girl it was possible " to exchange " on 200 roubles with which mother of the addict has occupied from neighbours. The police has arrived at once after the woman has told to neighbours about the happened.

After an exchange of the hostage for money narcodependent again it was locked in apartment and after long negotiations fighters of the Kemerovo police special group have got out it and have detained.

Now pravoohraniteli spend dosledstvennuju check upon termination of which the decision on criminal case excitation will be accepted.