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Article on which judge Timoshenko, can dekriminalizirovat

Kiev, 30 sen - News. the Parliamentary fraction of party in power of regions is ready to consider the problem decriminalizations of article 365 of the Criminal code on which accuse eks - a premiere of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko, in case of indemnification to the state, the assistant to the party leader Dmitry Shentsev has declared.

the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has introduced in parliament the bill of changes abreast acts for the purpose of a humanisation of responsibility for economic crimes. The document offers to cancel a criminal liability under 18 articles of the Criminal code, concerning economic offences, at the same time, it does not provide decriminalization of article 365 UK on which judge Timoshenko - her accuse of power excess at signing in 2009 of the agreement on deliveries of gas to Ukraine between " Naftogazom " and " Gazprom ".

" the Party of Regions is ready to consider possibility of decriminalization of article 365 of the Criminal code on which accuse Yulia Timoshenko. The indemnification, put to the state, in particular - NAK " should become the main condition of cancellation of criminal punishment on this article; Naftogazu Ukraine " and also payment of all taxes in the state budget on perfect crimes " - quotes Shentseva agency " Ukrinform ".

State charge demands to sentence Timoshenko to seven years of imprisonment, and also to claim from its the damages put NAK " Naftogaz Ukraine " at a rate of 1,5 billion grivnas (187 million dollars) and a legal cost.

Process over Timoshenko has called the big resonance in the West. The European politicians have warned the Ukrainian management that if Timoshenko RCVs real prison term, it can threaten signing of the agreement on association from EU which part is the zone of free trade. Kiev hopes to paraph the document till the end of 2011.