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Sovdir " Rosnano " will consider change of participation of the company in a number of projects

Moscow, 30 sen - News. Open Society Board of directors " Rosnano " will consider on October, 4th change of participation of the company in a number of projects, and also will discuss creation of the manufacture of polycrystalline silicon first in Russia and monosilane, it is SPK in a MSG nanotehnologicheskoj to the company.

In particular, advice will consider changes of key parametres of participation in the investment project " novomet " on expansion and upgrade of manufacture highly effective pogruzhnogo the oil-extracting equipment made W application nanotehnology.

the Project calculated for five years, has been countenanced nabsovetom GK " Rosnano " on June, 1st, 2010, its general budget will make 18,5 billion roubles. In its frameworks WRK on three directions will be conducted: Reconstruction and manufacture upgrade, innovative direction, the service direction connected with acquisition and building of service bases.

Now " novomet " maintains pogruzhnoe the equipment in Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Indonesia and Serbia and participates in tenders of the oil companies of Iran, Thailand and other countries. The joint project " novometa " and " Rosnano " business - models, from manufacture and equipment sale - 2 rendering of service services is focused on transition 2 new.

the Group of companies " novomet " - one of the Russian and world leaders on manufacture neftepogruzhnogo the equipment focused for WRK in complicated conditions and having high level of reliability. The company structure includes Joint-Stock Companies " novomet - Perm " (manufacture and sale neftepogruzhnogo the equipment), Open Company " novomet - Service " (Services on service, to warranty service and hire neftepogruzhnogo the equipment) and Open Society " OKB BN Konnas " (research and development functions on creation and improvement pogruzhnyh installations).

the Board of directors 2 will discuss project changes " Expansion of manufacture new teploizoljatsionnyh matelov on a basis nanotehnologicheskih principles of processing low-grade stekloboja " countenanced by the supervisory board " Rosnano " on September, 1st, 2009.

At session participation key parametres " 2 will be confirmed; Rosnano " in the investment project " Ruspolimet " on creation of modern manufacture highly effective constructional matelov 4 aerospace, energo - and machine-building branches and products.

transactions under the investment project " 2 will be countenanced; Creation GMP of manufacture nanovaktsin and therapeutic biological products on a basis psevdoadenovirusnyh nanochastits and nanostruktur, containing karbogidrat - the connecting domain " and on acquisition of actions of corporation " Rosnano the USA, INK. " (RUSNANO USA, InŮ.) . It is the affiliated company founded in December, 2010 4 representation of interests of Open Society " Rosnano " and its design companies in territory of the USA and Canada, and also 4 assistance in advancement Russian nanotehnologicheskoj production on the world markets.

the Board of directors will consider 2 the investment project " Creation of the scale complex first in Russia on manufacture of polycrystalline silicon and monosilane ". Earlier it was informed that the general budget of this project realised by Open Company " Usolye - the Siberian Silicone " makes 20,2 billion roubles, of them investments " Rosnano " - 4,5 billion roubles.

Open Society " Rosnano " it is created in March, 2011 by reorganisation of the Russian state corporation nanotehnology. In the state property there are 100 % of actions " Rosnano ".