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Upon diesel locomotive arrival on people action

Moscow, 30 sen - News is brought. the Consequence in the Nizhniy Novgorod region has filed criminal charges upon diesel locomotive arrival on group of people therefore five persons were lost, and one has suffered, the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia informs on Friday.

At station Linda of Borsky area of area group of the passengers who have landed on the night of Friday from an electric train by a MSG Nizhni Novgorod - Kerzhenets, crossed ways. They were brought down by a diesel locomotive going on the next way.

the Consequence has established that the machinist of a diesel locomotive applied emergency braking > >

Under the specified data of regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, two men of 1986 of a birth and three women 1962, 1993 and 1994 of a birth were lost. One man has suffered, it have taken to hospital. After survey doctors have made it the diagnosis " bruises of both knee joints " And after rendering assistance have released home.

In the meantime, the State Office of Public Prosecutor informs that at the victim cranial - a brain trauma and crises.

Criminal case has been raised as regards 3 articles 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules of operation of the railway transportation, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons) which provides till seven years of imprisonment.

" the Privolzhsky transport Office of Public Prosecutor inspects about observance of safety rules of movement on a railway transportation and operation of transport and other means connected with transportation process " - the State Office of Public Prosecutor marks.