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Putin obudit W the Portuguese colleague interaction of the Russian Federation and EU

Questions of interaction of Russia W the European Union become one of the main subjects of negotiations of Vladimir Putin W the Portuguese management during its working visit to Lisbon on October, 24th.

to Portugal the Russian leader will arrive from Berlin after a short MTG with German chancellor Gerhard Schroder.

as has noted in conversation with the correspondent " News " a deputy head of the Kremlin administration Sergey Prihodko, a subject of interaction W Russia of the European Union gets a special urgency in the light of day opening in second half on October, 24th EU summit in Bruxelles, and also laying ahead in the middle of November of the summit of Russia - EU in Copenhagen.

as a whole as has noted Prihodko, " visit of the president to Portugal will be short, but sated ". For 6 - 7 hours which Vladimir Putin intends to hold in Lisbon before flying away on forum ATES to Mexico, it will meet the president and the prime minister of this country Zhorzhi Sampajju and Z.Duraubarrozo/ to specify names of the prime minister and the president/.

In a context of discussion of the international problematics except interaction of Russia - EU the Russian leader and the Portuguese management ATTN and the Iraq subject, questions of struggle against the international terrorism, mutual relations Russia - the NATO, predictably, will not bypass.

by words zamrukovoditelja the Kremlin administration, the questions, concerning the Common Economic Space W the European Union, and also, probably, " will be mentioned also; to some extent " - the Kaliningrad problematics. Prihodko 2 has informed that during negotiations bilateral contacts, in particular in the light of presidency of Portugal in OSCE will be discussed. According to the Kremlin representative, at Russia and Portugal interaction and on parliamentary tenches, and in the area of foreign policy and defensive departments not bad develops.

Having concerned cooperation in trading - to economic sphere, Prihodko has noticed that the goods turnover volume between Russia and Portugal in 2001 has made about 230 million dollars.

goods turnover growth can be obviously contributed by development and strengthening contract - legal base between two countries which questions 2 are supposed to be discussed during Vladimir Putin`s visit to Lisbon. In particular, according to Prihodko, WRK over the Convention on avoidance of the double taxation now comes to the end, there is a WRK over a number of intergovernmental agreements - ABT legal aid, ABT time labour migration, ABT scientifically - technical cooperation and cooperation in the field of tourism.