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Events on October, 21st

*   the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov on Monday arrives to Kaliningrad where will take part in session of Sea board of the Russian Federation. 2NITE the head of the government will meet businessmen of the Kaliningrad region.


*   On Monday begins 2 - dnevnyj official visit of delegation of the State Duma led by its chairman Gennady Selezenvym to Kishinev. This day Seleznev`s MTGs with the president of republic Vladimir Voroninym, the speaker of Legislative Assembly Evgeniej Ostapchuk, premieres - the minister Vasil Tarlevym are planned. MTGs of members of delegation with leaders of fractions, parliamentary group Moldavian - the Russian friendship and representatives of Russian communities of republic are planned 2.


*   Predictably, in Moscow on Monday there will be a senior assistant to the US State Secretary John Bolton. During visit it will discuss with representatives of some the Russian departments of a problem of non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction.


*   On Monday opens 2 - day session of Ministerial council of foreign affairs of the European Union on which discussion of the Kaliningrad problem will be continued.


*   On Monday visit to Russia secretary general of the European conference of ministers of transport Jack Shorta begins.

*   In the Federation Council on Monday session of section of an ecological policy Scientifically - advisory council at the chairman of the council of Federation will take place. Results of the World summit on a sustainable development in JHB will be discussed, in particular.

*   in the State Duma on Monday parliamentary hearings " will take place; Legislative regulation of problems of nationalisation ". Hearings are spent by Committee of the State Duma on the property.

*   the minister of the Russian Federation of an antimonopoly policy and support of business Ilya Juzhanov on Monday will spend a press - conference " Coming into force of new amendments in the law " ABT a competition and restriction of monopolistically activity in the commodity markets ".

*   In a press - the CTR " the Russian newspaper " on Monday journalists there will be a chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Veshnjakov.

*   In trading - industrial chamber of the Russian Federation on Monday the chairman of the Commission of the Federation Council on natural monopolies Michael Odintsov will spend the Internet - video - the conference devoted to results of parliamentary hearings " Power strategy of Russia till 2020. Problems and decisions ".

*   In " Expocentre " On Red Presne on Monday the press - the conference devoted to opening 2 - j the International exhibition - a forum " will take place; Infokommunikatsii Russia - the XXI-st century "/ " InfoKom - 2002 "/. In a press - conferences will take part the minister of the Russian Federation of communication and information Leonid Rejman, heads of the ministries and departments, state customers FTSP " Electronic Russia ".

*   On Monday the press - conference " will take place; Results of the All-Russia conference of professional participants of a securities market. Problems of protection of the rights of investors in Rossi ". Among participants - the chairman of Federal Commission on Securities Igor Kostikov, the chairman of the Commission of the State Duma on protection of the rights of investors Sergey Generalov, etc.

*   In the mayoralty on New Arbate on Monday the next session of the All-Russia Democratic meeting will take place. Will be discussed: reform of housing and communal services of Russia; Development of the general political platform and tactics of interaction of democratic forces during election campaigns 2003 - 04

*   In the Central House of the journalist on Monday the press - the conference devoted to creation of the International academy of television and radio will take place.

*   in the Concert hall of P.I.Tchaikovsky on Monday the first ceremony of delivery of grants and fund awards " will take place; Russian performing art ". Yury Bashmet, Victor Tretjakov, Nikolay Petrov and other outstanding musicians enter Into Advice of trustees of fund.

S - Petersburg

*   At Theatre of a musical comedy on Monday ceremony of award of the award " will take place; Gold spotlights " - the higher theatrical award of Petersburg.

*   On Monday two-day exit session of the Russian academy of Arts which will be spent by president RAH Zurab Tsereteli opens.


*   On Monday will pass the first regional forum " the Siberian industry of information systems ".

Bishkek - Dushanbe

*   the Secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan within the limits of the visit to Kirghizia to Monday will take part in solemn opening in capital of republic of House OOON. The same day Kofi Annan will arrive to Tajikistan W two-day official visit.


*   On Monday conference on creation of the Euroasian Advice of rabbis opens. Heads of the Jewish communities, representatives of judaic faiths will take part in a forum from the countries of Europe, Asia, Asian - Pacific region, the CIS, Baltics. It is supposed that the Euroasian Advice of rabbis will unite the Jewish communities of 17 states of Europe and Asia 4 strengthening of relations of the Jewish people living in them.


*   Visit to Belgrad the main public prosecutor of the Hague tribunal of Charles del Pontus on Monday will begin tour on republics were SFRJU. W a management of these countries it will carry on negotiations on questions of their cooperation with the Hague tribunal and delivery of the persons accused of fulfilment of war crimes.


*   In the Parisian suburb Le - Burzhe on Monday opens International military - a sea exhibition " evronaval - 2002 ". New samples Russian military - the sea technics will present the federal state unitary enterprise/ FGUP/ " Rosoboroneksport ".

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