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to speak by TEL with the murderer - the sniper Attempt of the American police was not possible

to come into telephone contact to the probable murderer - sniper is not has gone right.

as the correspondent " passes; News " acting at a briefing on Monday evening, the sheriff of a county of Montgomery Charles Mus through mass-media was converted 2 the unknown person, having specified that during a communication session the sound was illegible and has asked it to CB again.

the sheriff has refused to inform journalists though any details concerning attempt to establish connection with the criminal. Does not reveal 2, a leah is the person with whom the police tries to establish connection by directly murderer - the sniper, its partner or simply important witness.

on a place of last crime near Washington, made on Saturday evening, the note W phone number on which, the unknown person, suggested polices to W8 for its call has been found. Note occurrence, police, possibly, considers as attempt of the murderer to enter dialogue W the authorities.

on Sunday Charles Mus through mass-media has informed the unknown person that the police will W8 for its call. However the communication session is not has gone right. Any details of the power do not disclose.

in the meantime law enforcement bodies have informed that two persons, arrested persons on Monday morning on a gaz station near Washington, do not concern the murderer - to the sniper. Under the available data, one of them is the Mexican, another the Guatemalan. The police has passed their immigration authorities, apparently, in connection with infringement of a mode of abiding in territory of the USA, and the question on their deportation now is solved.

as to last victim, 37 - the summer man who has been wounded in a stomach on Saturday in the city of Eshlend in 120 km 2 the south from Washington its status on - former remains very heavy.

As doctors have informed on Monday, the criminal used an explosive bullet which at hit puts to the person the hardest internal traumas. The part of a bullet to physicians managed to be taken from a body of the victim, however other splinters while remain on a place. Thereupon the wounded man should transfer several more difficult operations.