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Crucified the fifth

on October, 22nd, 1987 - 15 years ago - great poet Joseph Brodsky/ 1940 - 1996/ became the Nobel prize winner under the literature, the fifth Nobel winner in Russian literature after Ivan Bunin, Michael Sholokhov, Boris Pasternak and Alexander Solzhenitsyna.

Outwardly his life is almost empty on events, the poet preferred to live pressure of spirit. Perhaps, only three events have shaken existence of the poet against its will. At first arrest and the conclusion in a mental hospital where it first tortured an ice bath, and then in 1964 under the decision of city court of Leningrad, have sentenced " for parasitism " by five years of the link to the north, in backwoods, in a small village Norensky the Arkhangelsk region. In 1972 there was an expatriation to the USA. And, at last, Nobel Prize delivery in 1987.

to it was only 23 years when it has pleased under court, and only 47 when has RCVed the Nobel Prize. That is it always AAM was more senior own age.

addressing to members of the Nobel committee, the Swedish monarch and the Swedish academy in Stockholm on December, 9th, Joseph Brodsky has fearlessly mentioned some desperate questions among which there was a legendary thesis of philosopher Teodora Adorno ABT that, " that after Osventsima any music or poetry are already impossible ".

Tezis Adorno has amazed with a mutual responsibility principle the heart of creative existence of the person. As a matter of fact, he has told that NE new creativity is possible only if to shut eyes to furnaces Osventsima, and this darkness of the averted sight steadily will inform perversity of spirit to music, verses, will give defect to the NE creative certificate.

minding to Adorno, Brodsky SPK in the Nobel speech: " As it is possible to compose music after Osventsima, asks Adorno... The generation 2 which I belong, IAC, has appeared capable to compose this music. This generation which was born then when the crematorium of Osventsima worked at full capacity ".

" Looking back BWD, - Brodsky SPK about itself and the generation, - I can tell that we began on empty - more precisely, - on frightening than the opustoshennostju - a place and is faster intuitively, than meaningly, we aspired to a reconstruction of effect of a continuity of culture ". A leah

But so words about the emptiness, after all the first the genius " are correct; the red young man " has estimated great Anna Ahmatova which was on friendly terms with young poets, and it she named its verses " magic " underlining that level of spiritual existence of the poet so is high that his soul is doomed to loneliness.

in the speech in Stockholm Brodsky itself names time and again Ahmatovu, Mandelshtama, Tsvetaeva and Pasternak, than involuntarily contradicts the words about emptiness of the beginning.

in the whole its Nobel speech it is brilliant. Its aphorisms will satisfy NE thirst: " I do not urge to replace the state with library though this thought repeatedly visited me ". " If art learns to something, and the artist first of all, these are particulars of human existence ".

Basic privacy of spirit has helped it to transfer rather EZ the link - instead of five years it lasted one and a half year - in a rural solitude where it accepted for the exiled of the sectarian, and then privacy has helped to worry and turmoil of the USA where nobody recognised the winner by sight, EVN the barman in cafe where he had always dinner. The barman has learnt that its habitue the Nobel celebrity only after death of the poet.

Brodsky has spent last years on trips, but never could force to visit itself Leningrad, was afraid to C tombs of mother and the father. The poet has so got used to wanderings, what EVN the ashes have sent in the perfect link, zaveshchav to bury itself in the LUVed Venice where could live quite, but were afraid of this affinity W a LUVed city as infectious illness. If could, he, probably, would ask in Venice an aesthetic refuge, but, alas, such kind of the help is not provided yet.

reflecting on poetry in the Nobel speech, Brodsky echoes Heidegger, confirming, what not the poet the owner of verses, and language. He owns a feather of the poet/ at Heidegger: " not the person possesses freedom, and freedom owns the person "/ also creates the continuation in speech and memories, and that " the poem in itself is equal to emptiness, the language future interferes with its present ".

Brodsky - the poet 4 fans of symphonic music, it is difficult 4 reading on public and is EZ 4 admiration of the expert.

he has concluded the Nobel speech so: " Stihoslozhenie - the enormous accelerator of consciousness, thinking, attitude. Having tested this acceleration once, the person any more in a status to refuse repetition of this experience, it runs into dependence on this process as run into dependence on drugs and alcohol. The person who is in similar dependence on language, I believe, and is called as the poet ".