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In Great Novgorod will consecrate the orthodox temple constructed on means of townspeople

on October, 22nd in Great Novgorod consecrate the orthodox temple constructed exclusively on charitable offerings of townspeople.

as have informed the correspondent " News " in the Novgorod diocesan management, sanctification of new church of the Sacred Lazarus will be spent by an archbishop the Novgorod and Old Russian Lion.

right after sanctifications in church the first Divine liturgy will take place, and will finish solemn procedure the first religious procession round a temple.

the church of the Sacred Lazarus is constructed in the Western microdistrict of a city where, unlike a historical kernel of Great Novgorod, it was not saved almost orthodox temples.

the first stone in the church basis has been put on June, 12th, 2001. Six bells 4 church of the Sacred Lazarus, weight from several kgs B4 10 poods, under the special order novgorodtsev have been cast by the Voronezh masters.

The Basic WRK on erection of an orthodox temple were spent by workers of Novgorod building management N 5. Cost of building of new church is estimated in 8,6 million roubles.

the most considerable monetary contributions have made collectives of the large city organisations and the enterprises. According to the data of the Novgorod diocesan management, W sanctification of a temple of the Sacred Lazarus in Great Novgorod the total of operating orthodox temples in region will make 107.

Within last 10 years in the Novgorod region on charitable offerings some tens churches and chasoven have been constructed, but it were small wooden temples.