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the Stavropol court will pronounce a sentence on business of Ibragimovyh accused of capture of hostages

the Stavropol regional court, predictably, the sentence on business of the Chechen insurgents of BRO of Ibragimovyh accused of capture of hostages for the purpose of reception of the repayment will pronounce on Tuesday.

as the correspondent " passes; News " one month ago at the previous session the state accuser on process has asked to sentence ANY1 of defendants to 10 years of imprisonment W the maintenance in high security correctional facilities.

on matelam consequences, BRO of Ibragimovy grasped hostages for whom intended to take as the repayment the considerable sums of money, including in foreign currency. They contained hostages in the Chechen Republic, and the repayment were going to demand from relatives of hostages in Moscow and Dagestan.