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the Court will repeatedly consider case of Alekseeva

Zamoskvoretsky intermunicipal court of capital on Tuesday intends to start repeated consideration of criminal case of the deputy chief Main territolnogo managements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation across Moscow Alexander Alekseeva.

It is accused of excess of powers of office/ article 286 a part 3 criminal codes of Russian Federation/ at crediting in 1998 - 1999 of bank " SBS - Agro " W causing to the damage state for the sum in 5,8 mlrd roubles. ABT it " News " lawyer Alekseeva Vladimir Katalikov has informed.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor considers that Alexeys has exceeded powers, having signed the order ABT transfer of money, without waiting executions by financed bank of the declared conditions. Purpose for supervising fasts in " was one of such conditions; SBS - Agro " the nominees recommended by the Central Bank, and also granting in the Central Bank of the plan of financial improvement " SBS - Agro ".

In 1998 - 1999 on bills " SBS - Agro " some tranches of the credit in total for the sum 5,8 mlrd roubles have been listed. It has entailed actual loss by the state of control over expenses of the specified sum, considers a consequence.

Alexeys does not recognise the fault. On May, 20th it has been justified by Zamoskvoretsky court " in connection with absence in its actions of structure of a crime ". The court has put indications of witnesses the majority from which have declared In a basis of the verdict of “not guilty“ that actions of Alekseeva had no relation to a credit non-return.

in a court sentence it was noticed that the defendant operated within the limits of the office powers, carrying out the decision of Board of directors of the Central Bank on allocation " SBS - Agro " the credit. Besides, term of return of the credit is prolonged 4 " SBS - Agro " till 25 years, therefore nonpayments on it cannot be regarded as causing to the damage state, has specified court.

The Court has come to a conclusion that the Central Bank has the special status - he does not respond on state debts and on the contrary. Besides, Alexeys according to the special status of the Central Bank is not the state employee and consequently it can not be accused of excess of powers of office.

on July, 23rd the Moscow City Court has cancelled this sentence, having satisfied the protest of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. The superior court has agreed with arguments of representatives of state charge that district court " has selectively approached to an estimation of proofs, judicial examination has been made is incomplete and, except that, the court has incorrectly drawn a conclusion that Alexeys is not the state employee ".

Accused is under a subscription ABT nevyezde.

on September, 17th hearings have been postponed in connection with employment of the judge on process on another matter.