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We go to search for an Irkutsk meteorite

On searches of the meteorite which has fallen in the Irkutsk region on Tuesday expedition of Irkutsk scientists goes.

as has informed " News " the deputy director of Institute it is solar - the terrestrial physics of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Grigoriev, according to all available information, the meteorite has fallen on September, 25th not in Bodajbinsky area as was considered earlier, and approximately in 30 km from settlement the MA. To specify a falling place researches of the given Irkutsk seismologists and the American companion which has fixed flash of a meteorite which has blown up in atmosphere have helped.

according to Grigoriev to find fragments of a heavenly body now it is improbable: in this northern area snow has already dropped out and there are frosts. The main task - to narrow area of search of a meteorite. For this purpose scientists intend, will be how much possible, to go deep into a remote taiga where the meteorite has fallen.

present expedition will last week. The following landing of scientists is planned for spring of the next year.