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as a step 2 strategic stability

ABT end of the world it is impossible to SPK and write the Caribbean crisis in past tense. The Caribbean crisis which has burst 40 years ago in October, 1962, could become end of the world: then the USSR and the USA were seriously ready to begin for the first time nuclear war.

in the end of 1950 - h years in the world has developed not simply difficult, and on - to the present the explosive situation which core became opened military - political confronting between the USSR and the USA. Having conducted successful tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile/ MBR/ R - 7 in the beginning of 1957, the USSR in October of this year has put into orbit the first artificial companion of the Earth, visually having shown the USA, as their own territory became potentially vulnerable.

however and the European part of the USSR at any moment could undergo to attack of the American nuclear missiles of AVG range " Jupiter " placed since 1958 in Turkey. This circumstance extremely irritated a management of the USSR which understood that, despite presence of several rockets R - 7/ the heaviest in operation and, frankly SPK, as MBR, undependable/, the USA have a clear advantage both in usual, and in nuclear weapons of war. 4 balance achievement the new base, anyway, was necessary for placing of the Soviet nuclear weapon.

the chance, appear, was presented on January, 1st, 1959 when the leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro practically W/ O fight, has triumphally entered into Havana. Relying, more likely, on intuition which prompted that the USA hardly will manage " hurriedly " to finish Cuba, Nikita Khruschev decides to conclude in May, 1960 W Fidel Castro the confidential contract, having promised to protect the Cuban revolution by force of the Soviet weapon.

so the political basis of placing of the USSR of nuclear missiles of AVG range in territory of Cuba has been put. The USA have completely justified Khruschev`s hopes, and on April, 17th, 1961 have made an attempt to land a sea landing on island. The result of this action in advance doomed to a failure from - for scandalous incompetences, first of all, CIA, is sad: for two days of fights all group of intrusion into one and a half thousand persons has been destroyed.

humiliating defeat of Americans has inspired Khruschev, and he at a MTG with US president John Kennedy in June, 1961 in Vienna has declared that not only is ready to apply force in Cuba, but intends to transfer under control of the government of GDR territory of the Western Berlin.

it there was a direct call. Young Kennedy has responded an appeal to the valid military service 250 tys reservists. The military outcome of opposition promptly came nearer. It is obvious that Khruschev aspired to place BAM the strategic weapon in Cuba, believing that it begins the telling argument to go 4 Kennedy on basic concessions in Europe.

Since spring of 1962 regular sea escorts deliver the necessary equipment and rocket accessories to island. But in the end of August building of launching sites has been fixed by the American scout plane At - 2, and on October, 14th on the president have reported that the first Soviet ballistic nuclear missile is established on a launching site and is ready to start.

it is difficult to present that it was necessary to worry to John Kennedy when he has learnt that flight time of the Russian rocket B4 Washington will make only 4 minutes. But after long fluctuations it nevertheless has rejected the plan of immediate bombardment of island, having ordered to establish full sea blockade of Cuba.

to a management of the USSR in the sharp form it has been finished that the USA reserve the right to itself henceforth to stop all Soviet vessels W military technology and equipment,/ and others and were not/ the following to Cuba, and in case of insubordination - to heat them.

Understanding that operations from the USSR which almost for certain will lead to global nuclear war, can begin at any moment, Kennedy is converted on October, 22nd 2 the nation and directly SPK that can already W8 America in the near time. At many schools employment have been stopped, people hid in bombproof shelters, having frozen with horror in expectation of terrible explosions. And so proceeded two unbounded terrible days.

but on October, 24th there has come a long-awaited outcome: the next Soviet escort has changed a course and has left Caribbean sea. On October, 26th Nikita Khruschev has directed to John Kennedy the special message in which has demanded to make the promise never to attack Cuba in exchange on dismantle of the Soviet rockets on island. The new requirement next day has arrived - to clean the American rockets from territory of Turkey.

according to the advice of the BRO, senator Robert Kennedy, the president has decided to accept and fulfil Khruschev`s first requirement, at all without having responded to the second. The matter is that the American rockets " Jupiter " in Turkey by this time were already ready to dismantle, but John Kennedy would not like to remove them from fighting watch ostensibly under Khruschev`s pressing. In some MTH Americans, without advertising, dismantled these rockets and have silently cleaned them.

on October, 28th Khruschev has officially agreed to deduce the Soviet strategic weapon from the Cuban territory. The war cloud passed. But the fright, shock from transferred to both capitals has appeared is so great that the USSR and the USA forced programs of creation of strategic armaments.

in December 1962 new American MBR " minitmen - 1 " have been put on fighting watch. The USSR tried not to lag behind. Race of arms finally has led to strategic parity which has provided stability in the world and for any time has lowered possibility of occurrence of global military crises.