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In Tretyakov gallery the exhibition of art of Iceland

Not a layer of the modern art of the West familiar before to Russians - art of Iceland the XX-th centuries opens - the State Tretyakov gallery/ GTG/ will make property of domestic public. Under the motto " Faced to the nature " here on Tuesday the exhibition of art of Iceland opens.

the exposition of painting and a drawing from this country, has noted in interview " News " deputy director GTG Lydia Iovleva, in Russia is shown for the first time. It will be shown more than 60 creations of classics of the Icelandic art and young authors. Practically in the same structure, as in Moscow, artists of Iceland " went on tour " one year ago in Washington - there the similar exhibition W success has passed in the well-known Gallery Korkoran.

Landscapes and the abstract compositions prevailing in an exposition, will not be " are mute ": them " will sound " Music from an album of the Icelandic singer Bjork, featured actresses in " oskaronosnom " a film " Dancing in the dark ".

Moreover, the exhibition will overcome traditional frameworks of the fine arts and will turn to the CTR of festival of national culture. Within the limits of Days of the Icelandic culture in Tretyakov gallery a number of modern feature films of Iceland will be shown.

that the Russian spectator has understood sources of inspiration of masters of the arts more clearly, plains, mounts and falls on canvases will be added with a tiny photoexposition. The nature of Iceland which quite often name unique, German photographer Erih Shpigelhalter has embodied.

" Eternal ices and heat of the bowels, the deserted plateaus filled in with a lava and majestic mounts, wide plains and uncountable falls, more than 30 active volcanoes and 300 hot wells - all it leaves an indelible mark on a way of life and images of art of Iceland " - organizers of an exhibition have noted.

it is not surprising that sources of modern Icelandic art had a landscape. An image " the countries of broad lands " was born in the XX-th century beginning in panoramic landscapes of romanticists of Tourarinna Torlaukssona and Ausgrimjura Jounssona. Interest to a landscape has flashed in connection with growth of national consciousness and country struggle for independence/ Iceland only in 1944 has RCVed full independence from Denmark/. During this epoch the image of the native nature became 4 Icelanders an embodiment of national idea.

pioneers of the Icelandic art " have created the new visual world 4 the people " and on tens years the priority of a landscape genre has affirmed as the country. Having returned on native island, Johannes Kjarval which have passed in Europe through a hearth of avant-guard was converted 2 a landscape and the classic of national painting. At Kjarvalja owning an arsenal of a modernism, the traditional subject has found unique expressiveness.

On its stops Joun Stefaunsson and Juliana Svejnsdouhtir followed in premilitary years, in whose creativity on change to idealised kinds of the beginning of the XX-th century rigid deserted landscapes - glaciers, a plateau W the stiffened lava, severe mounts and sand have come.

abstract painting in the middle of HH has prevailed centuries in Iceland, as well as in the West as a whole. But also it did not manage to force out a landscape from national art. The landscape genre clearly influenced easel and conceptual art of Iceland 1960 - 70 - h, was passed " virtual " to art and installations of last years.

to the present day the lyrical landscape remains a dominant of creativity of national authors at all abundant of directions and styles. Through natural motives artists underline the indissoluble communication with a legacy, or openly oppose itself to tradition. Anyway, the native nature is present at their products as universal force from which ANY1 abides in eternal dialogue.