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the Iraq opposition yet podgotovlenna

Plans of military preparation of the Iraq oppositionists are only in an initial stage of working out. It at a briefing on Tuesday was declared by the chairman of Incorporated committee of chiefs of staffs/ OKNSH/ Armed forces of the USA general Richard Myers.

as the correspondent " passes; News " according to the general, meanwhile in the Pentagon try to define, " a leah it is possible to find those who will be useful to us in case the president will ask to apply force in Iraq ". Thus Myers has specified that speech basically goes trying to prepare group " officers of communication " which could be useful to fighting divisions with the knowledge of language and district.

chairman OKNSH has noticed that in case of the beginning of military preparation of the Iraq oppositionists it is supposed to conduct it W Pentagon participation, but is not clear yet, in what degree. It is not defined while and where this preparation will be conducted. The Minister of Defence of the USA participating in a briefing Donald Ramsfeld has laconically responded to a question on where the Pentagon searches for the potential recruits: " Everywhere, where there are Iraqis ".