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In the Hermitage the exhibition " opens; Nikolay I and the New Hermitage "

On Thursday in the Hermitage the exhibition " opens; Nikolay I and the New Hermitage ".

As have informed " News " in a press - museum service, the exhibition is dated 2 150 - to summer anniversary of the New Hermitage/ one of State Hermitage buildings/.

Magnificent court festival on the occasion of opening of the New Hermitage erected at will of emperor Nikolay I, has taken place 5/ 17/ February, 1852. At building of the New Hermitage the advanced experience of the museum architecture which have been saved up 2 the middle of a XIX-th century in the Western Europe has been used. The new Hermitage from the moment of opening became the museum opened at first 4 the limited circle, and then, since 1863, 4 general public who has had an opportunity for the first time freely to C masterpieces of imperial meeting.

Nikolay I regularly observed of a course of civil work, and then and behind the exposition organisation. Besides, it encouraged acquisition of the whole meetings and separate works of art in Russia and abroad, taking personal part in selection of WRK.

Opening in Aleksandrovsk to a hall of the Winter Palace the exhibition tells ABT sobiratelskoj activity of the emperor and provides guidance on volume what was a museum in XIX century.

the most considerable section of an exhibition is made by pictures of old West European masters/ Italian, Spanish and Netherlands/, got 4 the Hermitage between 1840 and 1852 years. Among them WRK of Murilo, Titian, Surbarana and other well-known masters. Pictures 4 the section of an exhibition devoted to Russian painting, are given by Russian museum. Till 1897 they were in a Hermitage collection.

how halls of the New Hermitage right after museum opening looked, it is possible to judge on the water colours executed by artists Konstantin Ukhtomsky, Edward Gau and Luigi Prematstsi. Kinds of halls have been reserved by Nikolay I in December, 1852. An exposition vases supplement, candelabrums, tables from malachite and other colour stones which were created specially 4 the New Hermitage at the Peterhof, Ekaterinburg and Kolyvansky lapidary factories, and also books and the documents reflecting the first years of existence of a public museum.