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Ketaminovoe business: protection by Tanaevoj has submitted kassatsio

Protection vetvracha Olga Tanaevoj denounced for storage ketamina, has submitted to the Vladimirskiy regional court the appeal on a district court verdict of guilty. ABT it " News " lawyer Evgenie Chernousov representing interests of the veterinary surgeon has informed on Wednesday.

" we ask superior court to cancel a sentence and to stop business in the absence of crime structure. My client is not sbytchitsej as it have presented " - the defender has told.

on December, 16th the Frunze district court of a city of Vladimir has sentenced veterinary surgeon Tanaevu to three years of imprisonment conditionally.

according to the lawyer, the court recognised vetvracha as guilty of storage and sale ketamina, having retrained its actions from a part 4, articles 228 (" illegal storage of narcotics W a sales objective, perfect organised by group ") On a part of 2 articles 228 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" illegal storage of narcotics W a sales objective ").

Criminal case has been raised by Tanaevoj in the relation on January, 23rd, 2004. Under the charge version, vetvrach in December, 2003 has got for the purpose of the subsequent sale at unstated a consequence of the person ketamin in gross weight 1,3779 grammes in 12 ampoules.

" my client has sold on January, 18th and 22 ketamin to the veterinary surgeon and as it has appeared, the employee of Federal Agency of control over drug trafficking, 4 carrying out of operation by animals " - Chernousov has noted.

Earlier Zamoskvoretsky court of capital recognised vetvracha Alexander Duku guilty of illegal acquisition and storage of narcotic substances W/ O a sales objective, but vetvrach has been released from punishment in communication " W conditions change ". Consideration of the appeal of Duki on a sentence is appointed by Moscow City Court to December, 23rd.