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India plans to establish the separated device which will make landing to Lune

At the Indian unmanned space station which is planned to deduce into a lunar orbit at the future space station, the separated flying machine which will make landing to Moon surfaces will be established, the chairman of the Indian organisation of space researches (ISRO) has informed Madhavan Nair.

Acting on 15 - j annual conference of Academy of Sciences of state of Kerala in Trivandrume, he has informed that the device of rigid landing in weight about 20 kgs will make cartographical researches and shootings of a surface of the companion of the Earth, informs on Wednesday news agency Ju - En - Ah.

According to Naira, the primary goal of the project which has RCVed the name " CHandrajan - 1 " on - former there is a conclusion of station to an orbit and carrying out there researches.

" however, already there are conversations on a possible moonfall. The separated device is one of vantov " - Nair has told.

As he said, WRK on creation of the first Indian unmanned space station pass according to the schedule. The conclusion to an orbit is supposed to be carried out in 2007 - 2008.

Nair has noticed that expenses for creation of the separated flying machine will make only " an insignificant part " the general expenses.

the project " CHandrajan - 1 " in $82 billion cost includes a conclusion of small space station in weight in 450 kgs into a lunar orbit in 100 kilometres from a surface of the companion of the Earth. Experiments which should be spent within two years, are directed on studying of a chemical compound and the Moon relief. The equipment established onboard station, will conduct topographical shootings of a lunar surface, and also to search for water traces, ESP around a lunar pole.

As it is supposed, W station start India will begin own program of researches of the Moon calculated on 25 years.

Madhavan Nair recognised that it often ask, a leah is going to send India on the Moon the operated space vehicle and astronauts. As he said, it is necessary to think ten more times, a leah it is necessary to send on the Moon of people and to organise expedition which will manage in tens times more expensively, than the present project.